Heavenpreneurs Business Challenge

ATTN: Kingdom Business Owner, Minister & Discipler,

Do you want to move beyond surviving to thriving in your business; be able to leave an inheritance to your children’s children, and leave a legacy for generations to come?

Are you tired of doing business as usual and looking to create a greater impact beyond this earth realm for the Kingdom of Heaven?

Would you like to know how you can achieve more for your business and Heaven’s Kingdom by learning how to disciple nations through business using our Heaven’s SCORES Methodology™️ framework?

Surviving to Thriving In Business and Beyond

Hi, my name is Wendy Twine and I’m the creator of the Heavenpreneurs Business Challenge.

Before Heavenpreneurs I was struggling to find Kingdom resources that were able to disciple on how to partner with Holy Spirit and Heaven’s host to do business God’s way, cultivate Heaven’s culture in your business, and so on.

I was so hungry to want to learn more that I was constantly asking God to lead me in my own business practices when he instructed me to do my first virtual summit in 2018 called Heavenpreneurs Summit. I hosted this event with 12 other Kingdom Entrepreneurs sharing their partnership, principles and practices of bringing Heaven Into their business and marketplace.  

I began to ask the Lord what would next steps look like after the summit; as I did not want to be just another summit or conference for people to come to and then go home. Instead, have opportunities for continued discipleship and communities with like minded people. 

This is when Holy Spirit gave me the vision of creating an alliance of many gifted Kingdom Entrepreneur Discipleship organizations, ministries and business owners. 

I found that in my own journey of learning about Kingdom Entrepreneurship, some of the Kingdom organizations were gifted in one area of business but lacked divine insights or strategies in other areas. Or, there was a disconnect with a particular instructor’s personality or teaching style. 

I began to see the power of coming together to create a table in the presence of our enemies by hosting various “foods” aka “trainings/teachings”. Didn’t Jesus say, my food is to do the will of the Father. 

Each establishment has Kingdom insights and impartations they can provide to the Lord’s table. This is were you come in as a disciple or be discipled. 

The Journey to Increasing Your Influence, Impact & Income Supernaturally

So how does one increase their ROI the Heavenpreneurs Way? There’s a journey one must go through based on my own personal experiences and revelations. I’ve drawn out the roadmap framework on how one can increase their SCORES in business and life when following this path.

I will make two bold claims to you right now if you choose to follow this pathway. (1.) You will be manifesting more of Heaven on Earth in your business and life. (2.) You will have more dominion for the Kingdom of God in people, planet and profits. 

Today you are embarking on a road less traveled by most entrepreneurs. Are you ready to be a Disciple and a Unity Promoter for the Kingdom of God? If so, here’s the pathway.

The SCORES Methodology™

Listen carefully, I’ll share a pathway that will help you achieve more of Heaven On Earth in your finances, operations and relationships. 

This is NOT just another “system” but a methodology of understanding the importance of each core element is to be present in your business and life.

The truth is when you implement the SCORES Methodology™ into your business, ministry and life you will be able to help more people, taking on more dominion, and investing more for Heaven’s commerce. 

And think about this…you will be better equipped through any pandemic, recession, catastrophe, etc. because you will now have the pathway to more peace, confidence, and trust in God’s provision and protection because he rewards those who diligently seek him and follow his directions.

It even gets better, you are now pursuing what true wealth is…where these treasures can’t be stolen by thieves or material wealth that eventually decays, rusts and loses its value. 

A QUICK WARNING: This methodology only works for those who are willing to surrender their rights and do business God’s way; who humble themselves and not become wise in their own eyes, and choose the way of love as the number one business strategy.

Here’s a Peak at The SCORES METHODOLOGY™

Phase 1. Spiritual Foundations- Romans 8:29

This phase recognizes we are first and foremost spirit beings that originated in Heaven. Without a proper understanding of this revelation of our relationship with Papa and His purpose, whatever we build here on earth will be futile. Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain. 

Phase 2. Cultural Transformation- Matthew 6:10

This phase reveals how to bring and manifest Heaven’s government into your own life, community, company, country and beyond. You’ll have a greater understanding that any kingdom has a king, statues, decrees, customs, etc. And that your place of pain is your place of reign.

Phase 3. Operational Guidelines - Matthew 5:16

This phase will give you greater understanding that we serve a God who is motivated by love, provision and order. In this section you will uncover how to operate from a pure heart so that not only will you be able to see the Lord but others will taste and see that the Lord is good in providing for their solutions. 

Phase 4. Relational Cohesiveness - PS. 133:1

This phase will help you develop and care for one another, how to create a culture of honor and how to stand together in unity; because where there is unity God commands a blessing. And more…

Phase 5: Economical Stewardship - Duet 8:18-19

This phase covers stewardship vs ownership, master or mammon and money for the purpose of building wealth for provision, legacy and Kingdom advancement. 

Phase 6: Supernatural Strategies - Luke 10:19

This phase will cover how to walk in greater authority and anointing when partnering with Holy Spirit and Heaven’s Host. You will have greater influence, impact and income, when you rely on Holy Spirit and Heaven’s strategies, insights and power.

Here’s What It Does For You

As you learn to operate a Kingdom business and become a disciple to your stakeholders, you have more opportunities to expand your dominion for King Jesus while increasing your influence, impact and income. 

The highest Heavens belong to the Lord but He has given you the earth to help…

…People be exposed to the gospel

…Planet earth being under the dominion of Heaven’s Kingdom

…Profits to grow and expand territory for Heaven’s Kingdom purposes

Where’s The Proof

This is ground breaking revelation from Heaven above. I can only say this revelation was imparted to me after doing my first summit with 12 Kingdom Entrepreneurs in the fall of 2018. Here what some had to say from the summit below…

“Thanks Wendy! This was a good first summit. Best wishes for next year. The testimonial is below. “I was very proud and happy to participate in the Heavenpreneur Summit led by Wendy Twine. The world needs more spiritual entrepreneurs willing to step and spread a message that entrepreneurship and spirituality and Kingdom principles can coexist together effectively. Kudos to you Wendy for hosting this great on-line event.” Lori A. Manns

“Wendy Twine is a forward thinker and on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the Market Place. She has a heart to bring business owners together and see the Kingdom of Heaven expand through God’s business entrepreneurs!’ Barbara Kohler, Barbara Kohler Seminars, PLLC

Dr. Jim Harris – “May I say to you of the dozens and dozens of live tv nationwide and news, of all the interviews I’ve had the pleasure being on, may I say to you Wendy, you without question have asked the most probing, most interested questions I have ever been asked. Most of it are rote. Most of them are simple and they don’t even read the book. I can tell you have read it. You have reflected on it. The questions you have asked me, have been some of the most excited I have answered. Thank you for the work. This has been unique and has been fun.” ~ Heavenpreneur Summit 2018

What You’re Getting

In this challenge will discover why now is the time to bring Heaven on Earth in your company and commerce. What it means to be a Heavenpreneur, how to achieve more with Heaven's scores using THE SCORES METHODOLOGY™. Each of the phases is a module in the SCORES Methodology.

Plus, there will be bonuses given during the challenge...more. 

Just The Facts

WHO: The Heavenpreneurs Business Challenge is for those people who want learn more how to operate a Supernatural Kingdom Business.

WHAT: This online challenge will give you a taste and see what Heavenpreneurs is about. 

WHERE: You can participate anywhere you have a computer or mobile device with internet access.


WHEN: This first ever released challenge starts July 9th. It's available for an investment of $7 for a very limited time.

WHY: It’s important more than ever too manifest Heaven on Earth in Commerce. When the righteous thrive the city rejoices… 

HOW: Simply register below and you will receive an email on the details to access this Kingdom training. 

It’s Decision Time

Where do you want to be a year from now? More mediocracy…Or, More Heaven? 

More peace, more joy, more abundance, more authentic relationships with a common goal…More of Heaven's Culture in your life, company, community and city?

Maybe this is the guidance you’ve been looking for...I pray it is.

I look forward to getting to serve you, inside of the Heavenpreneurs Business Challenge.

So, to move from surviving to thriving and more of Heaven’s Economy register below.

What About The Risks?

There’s always risks to whatever you pursue in life. You either gain more freedom when you move from fear to faith or you risk staying where you are and maintain mediocracy and/or survival. But to give you some peace of mind…if you decide to move from surviving to thriving…you have this training for an investment of $7 for 7 days.

So, are you ready to move from surviving to thriving and more of Heaven on Earth in your commerce? If so, register below. And I’ll see you on the other side.


Wendy Twine

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